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Title: Hi-Yeom
Author: Kurokitsune09
Rating: PG (for one curse)
Genre: General/Romance
Focus: KiWoon
Sub-Focus: Yoona and Jessica (cameo), Hinted!JongHo, Hinted!SulTae, also Hinted!HaeFany
Notes: keke. A side story to Because Maybe ^^ And this is for my adorkable dongsaengie,yisey because I said I'd write her a fluffy fic. Well, while that fic is getting there, Enjoy the Kiwoon bb^^
Summary: A social public gathering leads to a confession

He feels a little dumb when the face of his boss’s cousin pops up in front of him with a beaming grin and an overly bright, “Hi-yeom Dongwoon-ah!” just as he steps into the establishment and all he does is squeal like a girl and leap backwards, knocking into another worker in surprise. A few people look their way because it’s not every day that someone screams like a girl; much less a boy screaming like a girl and in the end, they just turn back around because it’s just Lee Kikwang and Son Dongwoon. It’s nothing all that new.

His cheeks are getting really hot and he’s sure that the tips of his ears are turning super red and it doesn’t help that his hyung (the waiter he knocked into, Yoon Doojoon) just pats his head and nods a greeting to Kikwang before Doojoon gathers himself together, straightening his shirt and smoothing out a nonexistent wrinkle and he’s flying, with a tray of clinking champagne glasses, towards a group of young women flagging him down.

“H-hyung,” there’s an awful tremor in his voice and Kikwang smiles, his eyes crinkling into little crescents and he grabs Dongwoon’s hand before dragging them off. Dongwoon squawks in surprise and Kikwang just continues to drag him off. They get some half-way between the main floor and the bar and Dongwoon vaguely hears a surprised scream and his own head swivels around to see Taemin’s older actor brother, who incidentally was the actual heir to the establishment but didn’t want to deal with all of it and instead wanted to focus on remembering lines, grinning at a waitress who clutched the front of her blouse, scowling at him. Dongwoon didn’t need to know what happened. With Lee Donghae and Hwang Miyoung, that scene was quite familiar.

Dongwoon turns his head back around as Kikwang pretty much yells out, “Min-ah! I’m stealing Dongwoon-ah!” and Taemin just shouts back a confirmation of, “Okay. Kwang-hyung, I need him in the morning. Don’t play too much,”

Dongwoon’s cheeks burn even more because this is a social elite gathering of all the most gossipy actresses and models for Im Yoona’s newest movie and he ducks his head because his boss is way too mortifying. That and it wasn’t true. He and Kikwang were just really good friends (although the palpitating of his heart in his chest and the skipping it does every time he sees his older friend likes to tell him and make him wish otherwise), Kikwang laughs and Dongwoon tries not to sink into the floor because he feels as if he’s becoming a cooked human tomato and Kikwang just drags him some more. For a small man, Kikwang was very strong.

As they pass, Kikwang waves cheerily to a few of his co-workers, Dongwoon’s amused co-workers, other actors and singers and they are stopped by Im Yoona and another actress, Jung Jessica and a cute blond male that Dongwoon couldn’t place. Kikwang beams and greets them brightly and Dongwoon manages a shy, squeaking hello. The girls beam back and as Jessica pats his hair, reaching up by standing on her tip-toes, smoothing it out from the weird nest it was in, Dongwoon couldn’t help but feel like something in a zoo. He almost misses Kikwang’s introduction of him to Yang Yoseob, the cute blond.

“Kwangie!” the cute blond male clutches cheerily at Kikwang’s arm and Kikwang’s hand drops from Dongwoon’s so he can effectively hug the other male. Dongwoon’s lips thin into a line and his beating heart tries not to stop because Kikwang is grinning and the grin isn’t directed at him and his gut is clenching in an odd painful way. Kikwang looks back at him and Dongwoon manages a weak grin before the bright haired male drags him off to speak in private. Dongwoon unconsciously crosses his arms and next to him, Yoona and Jessica look at each other and grin, nodding in this weird way at each other before Jessica latches onto his arm.

“Woon-ah!” and Dongwoon is snapped out of his strange miserable funk because it was Jung Jessica referring to him like that and as far as he knew, they weren’t really friends. They talked a little bit because Jessica and Yoona were both close friends of Donghae and Donghae liked to bother Taemin so they came in little packs all the time to the establishment but Dongwoon wouldn’t say they were close enough to address each other so familiarly. He blinks a little bit blankly at her and he misses the look that Kikwang shoots back, a stare of unhappiness at Jessica’s address to him.

“A-ah, y-yea Jessica-sshi?” Yoona jumps in, taking his other arm and Dongwoon tries not to flail because this is sudden, their grip kinda hurts and he’s not used to it and there are probably paparazzi peeking in through windows and cracks and Kikwang was watching and-and—

“Yah! Dongwoon-ah, we’ve told you, noona!” Yoona wags a finger back and forth in his face and Dongwoon tries not to go cross eyed because it was really distracting and somehow he knows that at the bar (where he was supposed to be actually,) his boss was probably cracking up or grinning at his discomfort. Dongwoon blinks blankly again and he looks at the two shorter women. “Say it with me Woon-ah, Yoona-noona, and ‘Sica-noona,”

A little dumbfounded, Dongwoon manages a confused, “Eh?” and Yoona pouts. Jessica frowns at taps his nose, smiling when it wrinkled cutely in response. She giggles and Dongwoon manages another, “Eh?” because he’s puzzled and there aren’t flashing cameras or twittering just nods of approval and Dongwoon wonders if he’s the butt of some joke.

“Noona!” Jessica snaps suddenly and Dongwoon squeaks before shyly, hesitantly breathing out a stammering, “S-Sica-noona, Y-Yoona-noona,”

They beam brightly at him and Dongwoon feels his face get super hot again when they both lean up and kiss his cheek before patting it lightly with a pleased, “There, was that so hard Dongwoon-ah?” Before he can answer, he’s wrenched out of their hold, Kikwang’s hand gripping tightly onto his and Dongwoon flails as he’s dragged away again. He looks back in time to see another worker get dragged out (Kim Jonghyun) and someone smack Donghae over the head and then he’s trying to keep up with Kikwang. For a short person, he walked really, really fast. As they passed, strangely, Yang Yoseob-sshi was smiling and he shouted out a, “Kwangie! Hwaiting!”

Dongwoon was beginning to feel really, really confused but he doesn’t have a lot of time to ponder it because they were already out of the room, cheering sounding out strangely behind them and Kikwang drags them out into one of the many hallways that Dongwoon never noticed before. Go figure that Kikwang would know where he’s going because he’s been in and out of this building more times than Dongwoon’s gone to school and before he can think on it any more, he’s shoved against a wall and Dongwoon squeaks again.

“You. Are. Mine,” is hissed at him and before he can answer, lips are pressing against his and Dongwoon feels light headed. He’s still shoved against the wall and Kikwang’s holding him there and Dongwoon is a little out of his mind when Kikwang pulls back, eyes dark beneath his bangs as he looked up at him. “Got that Son Dongwoon?"

He only manages a semi-intelligent, breathy, “Eh?” before Kikwang kisses him again. This time, his brain starts to work a little more and Dongwoon’s body moves on its own, hands moving to the back of the smaller man’s neck and he drags them closer. Somehow, somewhere in the middle of feverish kisses, Dongwoon is pressing Kikwang into the wall and Kikwang whimpers against his lips when his teeth end up grazing teasingly against his lower lip. They pull away and Dongwoon panics, having half a mind to start apologizing because fuck he didn’t-he wasn’t- and Kikwang smiles up almost shyly at him.

“Fuck you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Dongwoon blinks and Kikwang blushes a little bit, his pale skin pinking cutely. “Well, not shove you against a wall in some hallway and try to ravish you like I’m sure Choi Minho-sshi is doing to Jonghyun-ah but yeah,”

His voice trails and Dongwoon is staring down at Kikwang who scuffs his dress shoes into the carpet and he finally manages a semi-intelligent sounding, “What?”

Kikwang blushes a little darker and he mumbles something. Dongwoon doesn’t quite catch all of it only, bits of “Taemin-ah…Sulli-ah knew…and Yoseobie tried… Yoona-ah and Sica-noona kissed you…” and he’s very confused until he catches the quiet, breathy shy, “…jealous cause I like you,” and Dongwoon is grinning. Kikwang almost seems as if he wants to run away and he does try only to become pinned between the wall and Dongwoon. He looks up and his cheeks pink.

“Hyung,” Kikwang pinks a little more because Dongwoon’s voice is finally stable, and low and sultry and his legs are turning to jelly and Kikwang swallows. Dongwoon leans down and there’s this teasing smirk on his lips that makes Kikwang wonder how long he and Taemin have been friends because it looks scarily like Taemin’s smirk and his mind blanks as the younger man’s breath brushes his cheeks. “I like you too,” and he presses a light kiss to his lips before pulling away.

Kikwang only manages a surprised, semi-baffled, “Eh?” and Dongwoon laughs softly before he kisses him again. Kikwang feels as if the younger was sucking out his soul and after a moment, he pressed back eagerly, giggling breathlessly when talented hands skimmed across his sides. What was he—oh, that felt good.

Dongwoon breathes lightly against his lips and murmurs Kikwang’s trademark, “Hi-yeom,”
Tags: celeb: im yoona, celeb: jung jessica, celeb: lee kikwang, celeb: son dongwoon, celeb: yang yoseob, fandom: b2st/beast, fandom: shinee, fandom: snsd, fanfic, world: establishment series

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  • [fic]Heaven - PG13

    Title: Heaven – A Collection Length: 01/01? Author: Kurokitsune09 Rating: PG-13 Genre: General/Romance Focus: Jang Dongwoo/Kwon Sohyun,…

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